Proactive Planning to Grow and Scale


As we all know, the worldwide supply chain is still in disarray. Why not take a little bit of time now to plan for the other side of supply shortages? Companies that have a plan are much more likely to thrive and grow sales than companies that didn’t put any thought towards the future.

According to FactSet Insight, revenue growth is predicted at 7.5% for 2022 which is substantial when considering it is following record-breaking growth in 2021.

According to Lisa Anderson in her article in Brushware Magazine (found here), “There are several operational and supply chain priorities required to be ready to absorb additional sales.” One of the most important components is to have planning and scheduling processes that are in line with sales and operational goals and capabilities. “In essence, the best way to say “yes” to profitable revenue growth is to have the ability to rapidly assess capabilities and impacts and be assured of your ability to execute.”

What-if scenario planning is another important component of good planning. Making sure that you have thought of all scenarios and have a plan to deal with each of them. Hopefully you won’t need to use them; but you’ll definitely be happy to have them if the situation arises.