The Supply Chain Crunch


Ongoing issues with the supply chain has become a common talking point for many Americans. A system that used to work in the background without much thought from the consumer has turned into one of the largest issues for companies of all sizes.

As Jeff Cross explains in his special report in the ISSA Magazine, “It’s more than about not getting supplies and the inconvenience that it may cause, on both the personal and professional levels in your life. The supply chain crunch is a contributing factor to inflation, as a surge in demand for products means everyone is willing to pay more for what they need.

The article continues on to explain some of the causes of the current supply chain issues:

  • Blind Spots – The idea that inventories of raw materials would always be readily available turned out to be a massive blind spot for the logistics world.
  • Freight Issues – From skyrocketing container shipping prices to a truck driver shortage, every link in the chain related to transportation has seen disruption.
  • Shifting and Pivoting – “When the pandemic hit the global scene, and the supply chain bent, broke, or sometimes shattered, most rolled up their sleeves and got to work, and that hard work started to pay off.”

The big questions that everyone wants answered is “When will it end?” The bottom line is that nobody knows for sure. But rest assured it isn’t going to end overnight, so you might as well start adjusting to the new normal.