A New Year and a New Product


As we enter 2024 Zephyr is excited to introduce a new product to our lineup. Disposable floor cleaning pads are an exciting addition to our hard floor care lineup with many benefits over their microfiber counterparts. Read below for more information on these pads.

For use in areas with high cross contamination, these disposable wet pads work with our standard microfiber hardware, does not bind to Quat disinfectants and can be used for wiping, dusting and wet mopping. Low-cost alternative to microfiber when laundering is not an option.

Item # – 12885

** Multi-Layer Microfiber disposable Mop Pad

** Great for quick spill clean up in high traffic areas!

** Use with 12816 18” Aluminum Snap-On Frame and 21528 Snap-On Extension Handle

** 4.5” x 17”

** 500 Pads per Case