Spill Cleanup


Spill cleanup is a common issue no matter what kind of facility you work in. Making sure that you clean up the spill quickly and efficiently can minimize the risk of a slip and fall accident. Most facilities have equipment for regular maintenance cleaning, but putting a system in place for spill cleanup is easy to overlook.

Zephyr has the perfect product to use for spill cleanup in your facility! Our SorbUp™ Wet Mop has many attributes that lends itself to this application, including:

  • 700% absorbency of liquid
  • Over 40% release of liquid
  • No break-in required
  • Economical price point
  • Ability to absorb more viscous liquids such as grease, oil, or transmission fluid

We recommend pairing this product with our Side-Lok™ quick release mopstick for a simple and easy system for effective spill cleanup.