Sales in the Post Pandemic Economy


Some may argue that we are not yet in the “post pandemic economy.” COVID-19 has caused issues in everything from supply chain to finding qualified employees. One section of our business we can continue to work on, no matter what else is happening, is our sales departments.

As the economy starts to grow after the COVID-19 pandemic, some companies and sectors will see year-over-year increases in sales, sometimes substantially higher than normal. However, if you’re not growing, then what is holding you back?
Sales Leadership – So goes sales leadership, so goes the salesforce.
Sales Talent – Do you have the right people in the right seats? How do you know? Who can be developed even more?
Anemic Pipeline – Most sales failures occur because the sales pipeline was not sufficient to support the company’s growth objectives.
Sales Model – Be brutally honest and do a deep dive into your sales model. Is it the right model for your company/culture?
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