Office Space Hygiene


As employees return to work in the office, they will hold companies to a new hygiene standard. They will expect COVID-19 era additions, such as hand sanitizer, hands-free restroom fixtures and higher-capacity paper towel dispensers, to become permanent fixtures.

According to a survey conducted by Essity and reported in Maintenance Sales News July/August 2021 edition, the following key points were found:

  • Office workers have a significant concern about office hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Office workers have high expectation on office hygiene.
  • The attitude toward extra hygiene is here to stay.
  • The majority of employed Americans who went into an office prior to COVID-19 (89%) would like to see added cleaning/hygiene measures implemented at their office as a result of COVID-19.
  • Old habits can be changed as those who have already returned to the office are noticing some new coworker behaviors.