Flooring and Superbugs


As Dr. Greg S. Whitely so eloquently wrote in his article “Flooring and Superbugs” – “The problem with floors is gravity.” All of the dirt, grime, and yes, superbugs, end up on the floor at some point. This takes the challenge of cleaning the floors in a healthcare setting to the next level. In order to prevent the spreading of superbugs, or a highly contagious disease, the floors must be cleaned with special care.

In order to combat this issue, you must use the right cleaning tool and the best process possible. The ISSA continues to publish guidelines on the best cleaning processes available to the industry. We encourage you to research these guidelines and make sure your processes are up to date. No matter the task, Zephyr offers the right tool for the job. If you’re not sure what that tool is, just give us a call and we will help you figure it out.