Email Isn’t Enough


Did you know that businesses send more than 128 billion emails per day? Corporate America has become dependent on email as their main form of communication. According to the article Live Communication Helps Make Sales published in Sanitary Maintenance email should be your third choice when it comes to effective communication. According to Jim Peduto:

  • Email does not convey tonality or inflection that are a large part of the meaning behind verbal communication. When you email or text, you lose the 93 percent of all communication that is non-verbal.
  • Email is asynchronous communication. You write, they respond. Time lags are not conducive to collaboration.
  • Email is best for short, direct messages.
  • Email is your third choice after face-to-face and the telephone.
  • The research is unequivocal. Live communication is 34 times more effective than email. 

Keep this in mind the next time you review your “best practices” in your sales process. Taking the time to meet with your customer face-to-face may just pay off in the end!