Choosing Between Cotton and Microfiber Mops


On two different ends of the quality and performance spectrum for hard floor care lies the choice between using cotton or microfiber mops. When trying to find the right product for the job there are quite a few variables to consider.

Microfiber does a better job of trapping and removing dirt and debris. According to Sanitary Maintenance, “The synthetic material does this by design. Made from polyester and polyamide, the fibers are split and split again until they are much finer than a human hair. This tangle of material increases surface area, allowing the fibers to absorb up to eight times their weight in liquid. The material also generates a static electric charge when moved across a surface. These charged fibers act like a magnet, picking up and containing dust and dirt instead of spreading it around.” Microfiber can also reduce chemical usage, can be laundered a couple of hundred times, and can be more ergonomic to use.

“Despite all of microfiber’s benefits, there is still a place for the good old cotton mop. Available with cut ends or looped and banded fibers, a cotton or other natural fiber mop is a solid choice for picking up a big spill. They are also the recommended tool for stripping floors.” The main benefit, however, to using a cotton string mop is the lower initial cost of the mop.