Make a Name for Yourself


Private labeling has been around the jan/san industry for a long time. However, the perception of what a private label is, and what it can offer, have changed in recent years. Distributors are now offering private label products that are typically dependable and affordable. Private labeled products now offer more of a value than ever before, which is what the end user is ultimately looking for.

According to the article “Make a Name for Yourself”, found in the June edition of Sanitary Maintenance, “with the ability to meet the needs of even more customers and provide some free self-advertising in the process, the private labeling of cleaning products can be the right idea at the right time for jan/san distributors.”

Zephyr has the ability to private label the majority of our products. We can do this on-demand with the same lead times and pricing you would receive from our normal Zephyr branded products. All we require is specification on what you want on your label and you can be well on your way to offering a complete selection of cleaning tools labeled just the way you want it!