Keeping a Focus on Floor Care


Disinfecting public spaces “above the table” has been the highest priority for many business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tabletops, handrails, counters, and similar surfaces that are high touch areas are being diligently cleaned to ensure the slowing spread of the virus. However, the floors should not be ignored when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your building.

“The peace and mind that cleaner floors could instill might certainly be worth the effort,” says Gordy Gillette, director of marketing and sales for SupplyDen, Auburn Hills, Michigan. According to the article Keeping a Focus on Floor Care in the November edition of Sanitary Maintenance magazine, “restoring people’s faith in public places, when it is warranted, could hinge upon one’s perception of how clean and safe a space is.” The average person touches the floor 25 times a day! It might not be direct contact, but by picking up a dropped pen or tying your shoelaces, you come in contact with everything on the floor.

As you try to maintain a focus on cleaning and disinfecting floors in your building, Zephyr is here to help. Using the right tool can go a long way in ensuring the best cleaning and disinfecting program for your floors. Whether you want a high-end loop mop that you can launder and re-use or a disposable mop like our SorbUp™, Zephyr can help you find the mop that meets your need.