Deep Product Knowledge


We understand that all of our customers are selling products in a lot of different categories. Mops and brooms can be difficult to understand as a category due to its size and complexity. In fact, Zephyr alone offers over 1,200 different products in our catalog. We can understand why it is hard to get a deep product knowledge on our products.

This is where Zephyr’s years of experience and sales force can become a valuable resource for you. Our sales and customer service team have years of experience in the manufacturing and use of our products. We can do the heavy lifting when you have a bid you need to fill out or a complicated question from your customer. If you’re not sure what product to recommend, just give us a call and let us help you out. One of Zephyr’s greatest strengths is that when you call you get to talk to a real person – there’s no going through a phone tree to find the right person. Call us now and let us help you sell more mops and brooms!